Sunday, May 30, 2010


Maybe this is why I don't paint much anymore—no improving on this perfect combination of Indian Rock Art and Mother Nature. I try though. Over the years I have developed many successful acrylic painting techniques that I teach to recreate these "antiqued" effects when I have my painting students at Front Range Community College work with ancient cultural symbols. I have them create the rock wall and then adorn them with images and "weather" those images to simulate the effects to time, water, wind, and erosion.

The Canyon Pintado National Historic District, where all of my photos were taken on May 15-16 of this year, has been occupied by people for 11,000 years. Most of the rock art is from the Fremont People, who lived in the canyon from 200 BC to 1200 AD and the Ute Indians, who lived in the area until the 1880s. The horse image is from the Ute Indians. It is the newest.

If you want to explore this area yourself, plan to visit for at least two days. There is much driving and some short hiking involved. My photos only represent a portion of the sites in the canyon. This website will provide you all the self-tour information:

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I'm adding this to my lists of "must see".