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LAURIE BETH ZUCKERMAN'S MEMORY JUGS BOOK CD: How to make instructions for American folk art memory jugs and memory vessels

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's MEMORY JUGS BOOK DVD,the 255-page 2013 edition, is the only complete resource on how to make memory jugs and other folk art memory vessels and memory ware. This "workshop in a book" provides Laurie's detailed, step-by-step instructions, plus images of her unique memory jug artworks. 

MEMORY JUGS BOOK includes an extensive photo gallery of antique and vintage memory jugs has been edited and compiled from museums, galleries, private collectors, and auctions. The DVD includes historical discussions and debates about this enigmatic folk art tradition, commonly associated with Southern African-American funeral customs, Victorian mourning practices, and Outsider Art. Folk art collectors will appreciate the links to folk art dealers who sell antique and vintage memory jugs, as well as links to the best contemporary memory jug artists in the US and England. Found-object assemblage, mixed-media, and mosaic artists throughout the United States, as well as artists in Canada, Europe, and Australia have enjoyed this publication. 

Laurie Beth Zuckerman is an internationally recognized and published artist who specializes in making Victorian-style and contemporary memory jugs, home altars, and large-scale altar installations for exhibition in museums, universities, and galleries. Laurie's creations have been profiled in Lynne Perrella's two recent books, Art Making, Collections, and Obsessions, and Art Making and Studio Spaces. MEMORY JUGS BOOK was recently featured in Antiques and Collecting Magazine's article on Memory Jugs by David McCormick in February 2011, shown below.

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Memory Jugs Book was recommended
in the February 2011 issue of Antiques & Collecting Magazine

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"When I made that memory jug... I received a kind comment from Laurie Beth Zuckerman... It was a pleasant surprise as I instantly recognized Laurie's name from my initial discovery of these fantastic folk art objects. I'd even put together a little sheet of her jugs, which I printed out and it sits just above my Mac. She makes beautiful memory jugs, do check them out. Anyway, it put Laurie back on my radar and I saw she had a cd book available to buy on her blog, $20, so I did..... and it's FANTASTIC!! I highly recommend buying a copy. Not only is there a great selection of images, jugs both historical and those made by Laurie herself, but there's also a wealth of information from the history of these jugs to how to make your very own (mine was a rather scattershot approach in comparison!!) Here are just a few examples of what you will find if you wisely buy a copy. Laurie kindly gave me permission to use some of her images on here. Beautiful aren't they? I'm looking forward to making my next one now!" Garrett Life Blog by United Kingdom artist, Scott Garrett.

"Your wonderful CD arrived today, and I have stayed up 'til 2:30AM reading it! (I only meant to take a quick look, but couldn't stop!) What a great resource! You must have worked hard to assemble all this information, instructions, and great photos of so many kinds of memory jugs, and it was well written too! I'm off to bed now, but I will be coming back to read and re-read."

"I just wanted to thank you for the CD. I've been studying it for hours. You are a very generous artist. It is full of great information with thorough instructions that will help me develop my own Memory pieces. The photos of vintage and contemporary work are a treasure. Your pieces are spectacular. Rich design and so full of depth and meaning."

"Thank you so much for the CD I really enjoyed it and was very inspired by the examples. I found the CD full of great information, from the interesting ideas on history, to the how to section and list of traditional objects. I was mostly excited by the lovely photos, I haven't been able to find many examples of old jugs so they are great reference material for me and I liked how you categorized them. I will recommend the CD on my site to anyone interested in making a jug or wanting more information on them."

"I love love love your book!!! Thank you so much. Very inspirational and thank you for the instructions. I have not gotten started yet but am looking forward to starting soon. I can see that preplanning is a good idea. I have looked at memory jugs for years and wondered how on earth they were made. I knew it had to be pretty simple materials as they didn't have all the fancy epoxies that we have today. Your book really helped clear up the mystery. Your memory jugs are fabulous!!!"

"Received your CD book in the mail. Love it! Such a wonderful collection of photos of memory jugs, including our inspiration piece that we saw on the Antiques Roadshow a few years ago, "The Thing"! So neat to see a picture of it in your book! We were so ready to start our project, that we finished it in one evening. The pieces had been sitting on the kitchen table for two weeks! We are happy with the final results."

"I got your book/CD in the mail and can't take my eyes off the screen. What a terrific job you did with this book and how generous you are to share all of those tips. I cannot WAIT to get to the store and buy the supplies and start exploring. I had no idea that there were others out there who shared my passion, my fascination with memory jugs…and more."

"Received your CD and I really loved it. Wow, what beautiful imagery and I enjoyed the history and deeper meaning of these vessels. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing not only the imagery of the Memory Jug but getting a deeper understanding of the symbolism and the creative process in regards to making them. It was very inspiring to me."

"Wow. I just discovered your incredible art and ordered your CD book. I cannot WAIT to get it. I've been making mosaic structures for years, but have been frustrated with my inability to find a putty, as was used years ago in making memory jars. I hope you have the answer in your book. Can't wait to see more of your work, too!"

"I just got my CD from Laurie Zuckerman. It's a fabulous book that gives the history and shows all the different types of jugs, vases, bowls, that people have covered with trinkets of their lives. Laurie is a fabulous artist. Check out her altars and memory jugs. If you love folk art or Mexican art like me, you'll love her art."

"I watched—read LOL your CD last night and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. It is a very unique and informative way to present the memory jugs and its relations. I can’t wait to share it with my friends. Your hard work and love for the art form shows in the presentation. It was well worth the $20."

"I love the CD!! I just got home from vacation and have piles of laundry and other unpacking to do, but…had to pop in CD…and couldn't stop!! It's very inspiring and informative. Several points you made hadn't occurred to me. It was well worth the selling price. I am sure I will refer to it over and over."

"I wanted to tell you how much I love the memory jug book. These objects have always moved me somehow and to see such an array is just unbelievably compelling. I have to admit, I love yours the best! ALL of your pieces are somehow so haunting and complex and memorable. Thanks for such a treat!"

"I finally got to check out the CD. I am VERY happy with it. All the wonderful photos of different types of memory art. My favorite in the book is the one you did in memory of your father. Unbelieveably beautiful. I now can't wait to get started on my first one. Your book helped so much."

"I am just overwhelmed by the Memory Jars CD. It is the most comprehensive and inclusive work on them that I have ever encountered. I am so grateful to have found your website, and thrilled to have ordered the CD."

"I received the CD yesterday and watched it through with great interest (avid, I should say). I am very impressed by your scholarship, your collections, and–of course–the memory jugs themselves."

"I got your CD in the mail this week and have spent some time today looking it over.  It's a wonderful art history book. The history is so interesting and important to know before embarking on a project."

"It's arrived!... and it's FANTASTIC!!... better than I even expected... and I expected it to be really good!! Thank you!"

"What an amazing art form you have taught to others. As far as memory preservation, it beats scrapbooking any day!!!"

"The cd is full of all the information one needs to make these crazy folksy works of art. I bought and love it. BUY it!"

"I purchased your CD recently from ebay...OMG I love it!!!! Can not wait to try one on my own."

"Received the CD and have only had time to skim it, but my initial reaction is (and you may quote me) 

"OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG!OMG! The photographs alone were enough to make me hyperventilate."

"Your jugs are more authentic and thought-provoking than other modern ones I have seen."

"AWESOME e-book I can't wait to make one. GREAT CD and PICS. Thanks so much!!"

"I am enjoying the CD so much. There is a wealth of information on it. Thank you!"

"Your CD is very inspiring! You have lots of great information in your CD."

"A - Z, useful source of info for memory ware and related folk art."

"I am in awe of what you create. I would like to order your CD."

"Excellent resource and thanks for all the examples pictured."

"Just a note to say that I LOVE the book! It is beautiful."

"Love the CD, would love to take your class."

"Very informative!! Wonderful images!"

"LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!"

"This is a great buy."


Kathy said...

Your very generous to share your talents and acknowledge with us. I love your site. I found you from Gayle at Vintage Green and so happy I did. The jugs featured in Art Making are wonderful.
Looking forward to your CD and creating my own Memory Jug
Thanks, Kathy

MeOfCourse said...

I will be ordering your CD. I've sent you email and so love your work. Thank you.