Friday, February 2, 2007

Laurie Zuckerman exhibits memory jugs from her November workshop at the Artists' Nook

• The Rocky Mountain Chronicle published a nice promo of the show.

"MEMORIES IN A BOTTLE," Rocky Mountain Chronicle Encore, January 18-24, 2007

Some people may hold onto old photographs of loved ones who've passed away; others might celebrate Grandpa's birthday even after he's gone. Local artist Laurie Zuckerman honors the dead by borrowing from a tradition that can be traced to Victorian-era and African-American funerals: memory jugs. Personal tokens belonging to the deceased are embedded into soft putty, which is then formed into jugs, boxes, teapots, or other shapes.

"Laurie is a master altar-maker," says Christine Webb of the Artists' Nook, where Zuckerman teaches workshops on the technique. "She collects all kinds of things and then uses them to add meaning to her art."

Five jugs created by students during Zuckerman's November workshop, plus three of her own works, are on display through the end of the month at The Artists' Nook, 402 N. College Ave., in Fort Collins. Zuckerman will hold another memory jug workshop in February.

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