Sunday, July 28, 2013


Laurie Beth Zuckerman's personal memory jug entitled, "Mother of Pearl"
 dedicated to her mother, Blanche Kleid Zuckerman, 1922-2001.

Please click on the flier above to read about Laurie Beth Zuckerman's
August 24-25 Memory Jugs Weekend Workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

TWO SPACES REMAIN in Laurie Beth Zuckerman's weekend Memory Jug Workshop, August 24-25. Click on the flier above to read more about this special workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Laurie Beth Zuckerman will teach a third session of her two-day Memory Jugs weekend workshop, as the special guest artist of Susan Wechsler Mosaics on August 24-25, 2013. This is a special opportunity to work with two internationally recognized found-object assemblage artists in a private workshop limited to ten participants at Susan's mosaics studio in Boulder, Colorado. I am looking to fill the last two spaces, as I have students arriving from California, Texas, Virginia, and Ohio. 

I will guide each participant in creating their own personal MEMORY JUG, inspired by this enigmatic Victorian-era, American folk art form of memorial art. Susan Wechsler, renowned for her mosaic shrines and memory dresses, will be my assistant throughout this workshop. You will receive one-on- one, hands-on advice from each of us throughout the weekend.

My last workshop in June, hosted by Susan Wechsler, was completely full with artists from around the country. Everyone worked so diligently and their memory jugs were fascinating works of art. I will continue posting photos to this blog post as everyone finishes their unique creations.

During my last Memory Jug Workshop in Boulder, June 8-9, 2013, these three participating artists created their unique interpretations of this American folk craft. There is amazing diversity in this "mosaic-like" medium.

This beautiful memory jug was made by Emily Henderson of Denver.

This elegant jug was created by Peg Harper of Longmont.
Peg added lots of objects she had molded with polymer clay.
A work-in-progress photo showing Peg Harper's memory jug
during my last two-day workshop in June. Compare this before
image with the one above of Peg's finished jug.

This bold and whimsical memory jug was made by Cindy Shepard of Hurst, Texas,
who also included handmade pieces of her own, as well as a host of found objects.

For workshop details and to make your reservations, contact Laurie Beth Zuckerman at 970-482-5589 or

And if you can't make my next workshop, you may want to check out my 254-page Memory Jugs Book on CD in the meantime. You can order this CD for $20 from this website: