Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Lynne attended the "Grave Matters" exhibit at the Loveland Museum last summer, while she was in town teaching at the Artists' Nook, where she saw my memory jugs and found-object assemblages. She later invited me to participate in her latest book project. I photographed three of my memory jugs for inclusion in the book, and sent Lynne the "fixins" for my latest jug, "Up in Smoke," for her own photographer to shoot. I can't wait to see all the other artists in her book, as I love the concept of artists who collect. The book is due out in 2008. Can't wait!

If you don't know of her work, Lynne Perrella is a terrific mixed-media artist, author, graphic designer, and workshop instructor. She conducts creativity events at various venues in the United States and abroad. She's taught some excellent workshops at the Artist's Nook, and will be back again in 2008. I took her class last summer and loved her teaching approach. She has three other books, “Artists Journals & Sketchbooks," “Alphabetica,” and 'Beyond Paper Dolls." Check out her website: www.LKPerrella.com. Her link is under my favorites.

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lindaharre said...

Laurie.....I have not been to your blog before and am BLOWN AWAY!!!!! OMG it was here all the time and I never knew it!!!!!!!!! Our favorite place in the world is Oaxaca and when I saw your blog I was immediately drawn to LOOK! We have been there many times, but have not been lately due to the airfare:( We have developed friendships with some of the locals and have remained friends for 12 yrs.) What a joyous place!!!