Saturday, September 5, 2009


Laurie Zuckerman's altars and memory jugs were photographed in her home studio last summer by Lynne Perrella and Sarah Blodgett for Lynne's new book: Art Making and Studio Spaces: Unleash Your Inner Artist:An Intimate Look at 31 Creative Workspaces. Lynne and Sarah travelled the country photographing selected art studios for Lynne's next book. They spent about four hours documenting every room of my house, since my studio spaces are spread all over the living spaces of the house, so people will get to see my family memorial jugs and home altars in context. The book is due for a January 2010 release.

I have just seen page layouts from the publisher and it looks great. My profile in the book spans six pages with text, quotes, and color photographs of my artwork in progress in the various studio spaces and display areas throughout my house. It will be fascinating to see all the other artists' studios and artwork. I have also contributed my own photos of my altars to her book, which Lynne is planning to use as the front and back inner pages of the book. I can't wait to see it!

Here is the impressive list of artists in the book. I am in great company:

Lynne Perrella
Lisa Hoffman
Lyn Bleiler
Monica Riffe
Judi Riesch
Michelle Ward
Pam Sussman
Linda & Opie O'Brien
Ellen Kochansky
Maria Moya
Bee Shay
Terrie Moore
Bill Wilson
Tracy V. Moore
Faye Anderson
Keith Lobue
Sas Colby
Steven Sorman
Melissa Zink
Armando Lopez
Nancy Anderson
R. O. Blechman
Fred Otnes
Sarah Blodgett
Pamela Armas
Jamie Purinton
Michael deMeng
Judy Wilkenfeld
Johnnie Meier

Here is information about the book direct from Lynne Perrella:

* Hundreds of onsite photos, plus insights by the artists
* Visual essays on studios excerpted from Lynne’s mixed media art journals

“What a super opportunity! I have always wanted to write a book about studios, and this was my chance to not only visit studios here in the Hudson Valley in New York but also to travel throughout the Northeast and Southwest. My photographer, Sarah Blodgett, captured every detail; plus I was blessed to receive photos from several artists who did an amazing job of capturing their studio environments. Just about everyone obeyed my request – “Don’t clean up!” Unlike other rooms, studios defy all the usual rules of form and function. Never truly “finished” or static, these workspaces remain available, elastic, and open for business, while intensely private and personal.

"This remarkable creative group have thrown open the doors, windows, and drawers of their studios and welcomed us inside for look. Unique and distinctive as its inhabitant; and as personal as a signature, each studio awaits. Join me!” - Lynne Perrella

If you are interested, you can pre-order this book at Here's Amazon's own blurb about the book:

Art Making and Studio Spaces is a visual studio tour, an opportunity to turn the key and discover the inner workings of artists in their ultra-personal, unique workspaces. The mission of the book is to look inside studios in progress, amidst the throes of the artmaking process, and to investigate the thoughts of the artists within. This book reveals the interplay between artist and studio, and explores how each workspace reflects a different, distinctive creative journey. Photography by Sarah Blodgett, plus contributed photos by some of the artists, combines with personal insights to provide an incomparable studio tour that will inspire you to create your own private work space. Pages from Lynne Perrella’s art journal are included, to give further insight into this bottomless topic of "art and where it happens."

Lynne Kendall Perrella is a mixed-media artist, author, designer, workshop instructor, and incurable collector. Her interests include collage, assemblage, one-of-a-kind books, and art journals. She conducts creativity workshops in the United States and abroad and exhibits collage in galleries throughout the Berkshire Mountains.


Seth said...

This will definitely be a must have! Nothing like a peek inside!!

rebecca said...

i am thrilled and eager to take an intimate glimpse into your world.
counting the days,

Anonymous said...

Next a book of all and only your hope that will happen someday soon. Kathy