Sunday, March 4, 2012


Laurie Beth Zuckerman's "Red Snapper" Painting
In honor of my dear friend, Rebecca Brook's "Postcards from Paradise" I am posting one of my old paintings from the days when I traveled to Mexico, Central America, and South America specifically to birdwatch and soak up the joyous colors and warmth. This painting is from the late 80s, back in the day when I lived in Seattle and needed all of the color and fantasy I could get to survive the Northwest winters!! Hope you enjoy what for me is a blast from my own past.

This painting, "Red Snapper" is a full-size "window" with movable hinged shutters. It is owned by McDonald's Corporate Headquarters in Seattle, Washington. 

Here is another smaller window from my tropical series below.

Laurie Beth Zuckerman "Fish Fry" Painting


Unknown said...

I enjoy do this! I can see how this brightened up your Seattle`s brightened mine.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

Absolutely spectacular, Laurie Beth. I'm so glad that you explained its size and that the shutters move--and congratulations on having your work owned by a large corporation.

Annie Jeffries said...

brilliant dimentional painting. love this.

rebecca said...

be still my heart, san blas indeed!!!
your vibrant soul struck love of mexico is alive and well in this brilliant "window of love."
you conjure up memories of endless sunsets followed by early morning surf sessions. my last adventure through san blas involved five surfers, a camper over a Chevy truck, and traversed the entire length of mexico; we could not, would not stop our road adventure until we reached the jungles of yucatan!
i love your vibrant painting and completely endorse the escape long winters to mexico tradition!

Irene said...

This painting exudes energy, warmth and life. Its a beauty. I enjoyed the story that went with this post too.

Gayle said...

Totally understand wanting to escape the gray Seattle winters!
We got snow again today. Gray gray gray!!! Beautiful painting , I wish I was there. ( not the corporate offices..... the other there!)