Saturday, April 21, 2012


The art of nature never ceases to astound me. Talk about assemblages, one of my favorite topics, the Tamana Bat Caves on the island of Trinidad is one of the largest assemblages of bats in the Caribbean. These remote caves are filled with millions of bats representing eleven species of the 67 species living in Trinidad, including Vampire bats and fruit bats. 

I didn't have the nerve to actually take these pictures myself, so all the credit goes to my intrepid biologist husband Thomas Mathies who climbed down, down, down into the cave to take these wildly abstract pictures of bats hanging around before dusk. 

The last photo, with the green leaves, was taken after dusk. I was standing at the edge of the cave hole while bats swirled out around my head, not a single one hitting me or Tom or the camera. It was thrilling. Better than art, and better than assemblage art, my other biggest passion. As good as life gets!

Postcards from Paradise. Please click on Rebecca Brooks site to see more photos from Paradise.


rebecca said...

dear laurie,
i have spent the entire day outside in the bright light of spring. just now visiting each postcard offering and yours is thrilling in a wild unabashed way. love love love the final photo where the bats are making their grand exit. always love to find you here sharing your passion for life!

rebecca said...

i just posted a thrilling announcement regarding my upcoming The Art of Dia de Los Muertos tour,
one more chapter revealed.
i think it will speak to you deeply!

Annie Jeffries said...

I liked these very much. The subject matter is very different from what I'm used to seeing here. Viva la difference.