Sunday, July 22, 2012


Laurie Beth Zuckerman's fireplace mantle "altar or curiosities."

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's fireplace mantle "altar or curiosities." It is not really an altar in any intentional form. It is certainly not symmetrical, as are most of my altars. Some of the objects are collected from Mexico. Others are handmade by my husband, Tom Mathies. It is an odd assortment of oddities.

What do you have on your mantlepiece? I would love to see your displays. Share your photos with me, perhaps. Email them to me at:


cconz said...

Hi laurie, Love your altar. I guess i have a counter top altar of sorts. I'm a terrible duster, so thick dust and cob webs are part of the altar. I made another jug it's on my blog.

rebecca said...

someday, if dreams come true, i am going to walk into your beautiful sanctuary of a home and we are going to loose all track of time sharing the stories of all we hold dear.
i cannot help smiling deeply thinking of our paths crossing in the flesh for certainly they have crossed on some shared sacred quest again and again for a long long time!

Unknown said...

I have so so many collections of seeing more of your collections. Hope to see you at the museum this year.

Bohemian said...

Yes I do have a Curiosities Altar on my Fireplace Mantle in fact... never thought of it as that, but I like defining it that way now that I've heard the Term, it is fitting.

Mine has a Collection of Bottle Art, Spiritual Art, Oddities and an Antique Butterfly Collection... but it is ever changing and Evolving over time.

Dawn... The Bohemian