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Detail of Laurie Beth Zuckerman's "Tarnished Angels" altar
on view at the Studio 12 Gallery in Denver, Colorado

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's "Tarnished Angels" altar
at Denver's Studio 12 Gallery Día de los Muertos Exhibition

Denver's Studio 12 Gallery Dia de los Muertos Exhibition 2012

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's "Tarnished Angels" altar
at Denver's Studio 12 Gallery 4th Annual Día de los Muertos Exhibition 2012

Laurie Beth Zuckerman invites you to the November 2 Closing Reception at the Studio 12 Gallery's Día de los Muertos Exhibition, juried by artist, Carlos Fresquez. I am exhibiting a new mourning altar entitled, "Tarnished Angels" in honor of my father, Hollywood screenwriter George Zuckerman. The movie, Tarnished Angels was one of George's most successful films and was directed by the famous auteur Douglas Sirk in 1957. It starred Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, and Dorothy Malone, and is based on William Faulkner's novel, Pylon. My father made four films with Rock Hudson, including the 1956 Academy Award-winning Written on the Wind, also starring Lauren Bacall.

The ultra-hip Studio 12 Gallery is located in the Santa Fe District of Denver, Colorado, and is owned by artist, Sean Brown. This is my third year I have been invited to construct a contemporary altar installation for the gallery's fourth annual Day of the Dead show. Last year the 3rd Annual show won "Best Curated Exhibition" in the Santa Fe District. It has been great having my altars set the mood for these popular group shows. I have met so many talented artists from Denver and Northern Colorado.

Below are pictures representing my Tarnished Angels altar at different stages of design and construction. I collected so many possible vintage items for this altar during the past six years that I have been building it in my studio. I had to radically pare down my options for the space allotted at the Studio 12 Gallery. My altars tend to be huge space hogs, so it was a challenge to make one that is slender in all dimensions.

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's new "Tarnished Angels" altar
under design in Laurie's studio
Laurie Beth Zuckerman's "Tarnished Angels" altar
under final construction in Laurie's studio

Additional information about the First Friday Reception on November 2.

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