Monday, December 3, 2012


Back in 1996, I began an altar for my father, George Zuckerman, who had passed away in September. This ancestor altar has grown in depth over the 16 years I have been adding to it. The altar, which permanently resides in my bedroom, thus qualifying it for home altar status, contains many lovely 20th Century Virgin Mary's made of chalkware from molds. Although they are typically generic images, they each take on a patina that renders them unique. You can see other details of this altar at the top of this blog in my banner. Altars are about the whole effect—the gestalt—but that whole is made up of myriad parts, each expressive and wonderful on their own. A good altar is one where everything gels together, because each item on the altar is beautiful and meaningful. I have carefully considered each and every element I collect and place on my father's altar.

I have posted this Mary photo in conjunction with my dear friend, Rebecca Brooks' "Mornings with Mary," an annual tradition that Rebecca hosts on her blog: Recuerda Mi Corazon. Please join in on the sharing of tradition and contemporary Virgin Marys posted by artists around the world, on each morning of December until the culmination of the Virgin of Guadalupe on December 12th, which just happens to be my birthday! This year the date will read: 12-12-12!! That won't happen for another 100 years!!!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank you both for the photo and the story-in-progress!

Mary of the Mercado

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GlorV1 said...

Lots of love went into this beautiful tribute. Excellent. Thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

How meaningful it is to have an altar dedicated to your father. I'm late to start this year, but I am blown away by your Bella Donna Memorial.

Lenora said...

From the heart.. and a beautiful Mary..

Delphyne said...

Beautiful altar, Laurie.

I, too, celebrate my birthday on the 12th and love the date reading 12-12-12!

Hettienne Grobler said...

so so beautiful and the intent of the altar makes it so much more than just images and icons - a sacred act