Saturday, February 27, 2016


Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Madre Dolorosa: Spanish Veil graphite drawings

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Madre Dolorosa drawings on right-hand wall
Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Madre Dolorosa drawings on right-hand wall

Ancestors and Heritage exhibit banner displaying Laurie Beth Zuckerman's
Madre Dolorosa drawing, hangs outside the Artworks Loveland Gallery

Artist Laurie Beth Zuckerman was invited by Artworks Loveland to exhibit her drawings in their Ancestors and Heritage: Resonations of Día de Los Muertos exhibition, which opened November 13 in Northern Colorado. Three of my 22"x30" graphite pencil drawings from the "Madre Dolorosa: Spanish Veil" series were on exhibit in the south gallery through December 4.

The exhibition banner hanging on the outside of Artworks Loveland, announcement promotions, and gallery website featured one of my Spanish Veil drawings.

My exhibit statement read: 

"Laurie Beth Zuckerman's intricate graphite drawings on paper describe her treasured cast-iron Madonna, drawn from the still-life. Laurie drawings seek to capture the solemn grief of La Madre Dolorosa, drawn from her antique cast-iron statue, which is the Mother of Sorrows figurehead of her altar installation, “Madre Dolorosa: The Spanish Lady.” The Catholic mourning veil references the 1918 influenza pandemic, commonly called "The Spanish Lady." Laurie’s grandmother, Sarah Zuckerman lost her six-year-old daughter Elizabeth to this disease, went mad with despair, abandoned her husband and sons for two years, and never again spoke of her little girl. Laurie’s father George Zuckerman had no memories of his sister, but did recall the horrific wailing of his mother. Laurie’s middle name, Beth, is an homage to Elizabeth."

Last fall I featured this Madonna bust in my altar installation, Madre Dolorosa: The Spanish Lady, at my Memory: Loss and Found exhibit at the Boulder Dairy Center for the Arts. She was also the figurehead of my earlier Madre Dolorosa installation at the Longmont Museum and Cultural Center honoring my grandmother, Sarah Melnick Zuckerman.

The Ancestors and Heritage exhibition included works by 14 artists who each have private studios at Artworks Loveland exciting new complex of workspaces and galleries in Historic Downtown Loveland.

Artworks Loveland is located at 310 N. Railroad Avenue, Loveland, Colorado, 970-663-5555.

More information about the exhibit can be found at:


Anonymous said...

How I wish I lived near you and not in So Cal. I would definitely make it a point to go to your shows. I'm so glad you joined us for Twelve Days of Mary. I've always loved your creations.

rebecca said...

my dear friend,
words cannot begin to express my awe of you. year after year you pour your heart into such deep honoring. your altars are stunning in their ability to both crush and open hearts-as only deep loss can do. you are a story teller of the heart-the embodiment of memory-loss and found.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

These graphite drawings are as complex as Mary herself. Beautifully done!