Sunday, November 1, 2009


Laurie Zuckerman wants to thank the Colorado and Wyoming community for their generous interest and sincere support of her altar exhibition at the Loveland Museum, which ran from August 29 thru November 1, 2009. It has been an honor to meet so many interested viewers at my opening, both of my public lectures, the two Friday Gallery Walks, and on the many weekends I was photographing my exhibit. I will be posting everyone's generous comments on this site, so check my earlier "Comments" post in the days to come.

My El Diá de los Muertos lecture today was the perfect conclusion for my show, fitting, too, as today is the first day of the Day of the Dead. It was above and beyond my most well attended lecture, and a perfect audience. Thanks to all who attended my lectures, brought their friends, their husbands, their daughters, their sons, their mothers, and their partners, or returned two or three times to study the exhibit in depth.

Please feel free to stay in contact about your own altarwork and memorials for your family and friends.   I am always happy to help you in your own altar quests.

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MJ Morgan, Writer said...

Your presentation was awesome!
Sorry I had to leave early, but I certainly enjoyed the feast for the eyes in your slide show. Such color and authentic craft I've never seen in one place. Thanks for the virtual tour of Day in the Dead in Mexico.