Sunday, October 23, 2011


Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Encaustic of Western Meadowlark #3;
works better when the background is painted first
Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Encaustic of Painted Redstart #2;
lots of layers of paper and silver leaf

Laurie Beth Zuckerman's Encaustic of Painted Bunting #1;
would not use found metal objects and coins again

Laurie Beth Zuckerman joined DC Kelly's encaustic painting workshop hosted by the Studio 12 Gallery in Denver. What a great group of talented artists from the Denver and Fort Collins area! And what an exciting medium to experiment with. To keep it simple I decided to practice by painting a few birds just to see how detailed I could get with the hot wax paint. The control of the brushstrokes is much more difficult than with oil paint. Scratching back into the surface of the wax with dental tools and pencils was the most satisfying technique, along with adding layers of encaustic with bits of paper, silver leaf, and foil. Thank you DC Kelly and Sean and Stacey Brown for hosting this workshop yesterday!

The Studio 12 Gallery is currently hosting their Third Annual Day of the Dead exhibit and my new "Madre Dolorosa" altar is still on display through November 6th. Next opening is First Friday, November 4th. I'll be there with the other artists in this wonderful and diverse show.


Jill said...

Im not understanding your blog yet, I have a few questions but the most pressing one... Are you Catholic? I would appreciate knowing since I am myself and see so man "catholic" themes on your blog. I have always desired a home alter so this is the reason I came upon you. Thanks, and hope you are able to respond.

Unknown said...

Looks like it was a great class Laurie! I am also enjoying all the photos of the families last Saturday at the Museum...wish I could have been in town!!

I will see you this Friday at Studio12.