Sunday, June 24, 2012


La Virgen de la Soledad home altar at the studio of Josefina Aguilar
in Ocotlan, Oaxaca pictured in the three photos below

This was my second trip to visit the Aguilar ceramic studio, and the second time I have photographed one of their beautiful home altars. Below are images of the Aquilar's ofrendas that I documented the year before.

Día de los Muertos Ofrenda. I love all of the baby Jesuses dressed in their knit caps.

A cross made of rose petals lies on the floor
creating a path to the Aguilar's ofrenda pictured above

At another Aguilar family studio in Ocotlan, this life-sized 
Día de los Muertos Ofrenda is more like a theatrical stage set

Photo of an altar to the Santo Nino
in the Ocotlan Church, Oaxaca, Mexico.
Josefina Aguilar and her family are world-renowned ceramicists from Ocotlan in the State of Oaxaca. Their figurines are in the collection of every important collector of Mexican folk art. I was lucky to visit their studio on two different trips to Oaxaca. What is most memorable to me are the beautiful home altars set up in the courtyard where the family all work on their individual creations. The Santo Nino altar with the miniature marigolds is the most beautiful altar I have ever photographed in Colonial Mexico.

This is my June 24 offering to Rebecca Brooks for her Sundays of sharing Postcards from Paradise. Please stop by and visit all of the wonderful posts by Rebecca's talented friends and followers.


rebecca said...

oh laurie you really have cast a wide net and captured me hook, line and sinker. i can smell the copal and marigolds just gazing at your stunning photographs. thank you for such a glorious post, so filled with all we hold dear.

thank you kind friend.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Artists sustain the world with their creations.

Paradise In the Mercado

Unknown said...

Beautiful Laurie, If I'm not mistaken, Josefina's son and his wife visit Santa Fe for a couple of months at a time to make clay sculpture in a little studio setup in Jackalope. I have seen them work and purchased some of their lovely pieces.

gma said...

Wow wonderful altars. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog with kind words.
xx gemma

PeregrineBlue said...

dear laurie: could you tell me how long it takes to create an altar like this? i am planning ahead for dia de los muertos in my home and have been assembling a few of my vintage items to create one. i think i'm in time, starting in august? any help you can give me i'd appreciate. thanks so much, constanza