Sunday, July 8, 2012


Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico
Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico

Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico
Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico
Ciudad de Oaxaca, Mexico

I have been taking pictures of building doorways and windows since my first travels south of the border in the early 1980s, but these particular photos from Ciudad de Oaxaca's historic district are my most favorite pictures of all. These aged combinations of paint, plaster, wood, and wrought iron are a painter's dream palette and a photographer's bonanza! Oaxaca is a World Heritage site in the southernmost state of Mexico.


rebecca said...

the last photograph. Puebla de Corazon. a favorite folk art store upstairs from the book store and large inner restaurant. i cannot remember the oldest mans'name but he helped me over the years with some remarkable purchases of unique dia de los muertos folk art. the last year i was in oaxaca he had passed away and i was there for the deeply touching ceremony they had for him surrounded by all the folk art and the artists who created them honoring him one last time. it was dia de los muertos so the galleries altar was dedicated to him and was a loving collection of folk art toys and whimsical objects that were part of his personal collection from all the years he ran the gallery.
i stood next to Guillermina Aguilar who officiated the service. she wore her finest robozo and spoke with such love and genuine sorrow.
your doorway evokes deep and treasured memories, thank you laurie.

Unknown said...

The walls are so beautifully layered with color, the colors of my heart! I love Rebecca's remembrance of the last building. How long has it been since you have visited Oaxaca? We were to go this year but opted to join Rebecca one more time.

I hope to see you this fall...

Dawn Elliott said...

I, too, remember the incredible Puebla de Corazon, and recognized it from my trips to Oaxaca with Rebecca. Your pictures took me right back there and prompted me to dig out my photos. What a total delight - thanks!!!