Thursday, January 13, 2011


Laurie Zuckerman's Memory Box, "Good Luck, Blanche" front

Laurie Zuckerman's Memory Box, "Good Luck, Blanche" back

Laurie Zuckerman's Memory Box, "Good Luck, Blanche" coffin

Laurie Zuckerman's interest in collecting miniature paraphernalia extends beyond the memory jugs she makes. The above photos exhibit views of a small memory box assemblage I created in reverance of my mother, Blanche Kleid Zuckerman, who passed away at the young age of 78. This memory box was exhibited at my solo retrospective in the Loveland Museum Gallery in the fall of 2009, and is a good example of my obsession with the afterlife, by way of memorializing people I have loved. I wish my mother good luck, wherever she is and whatever state she is in. This shrine is inside an old wooden cigar box that I worked on over a period of several years. The coffin is an old snuff box, I believe. I am sleeping next to my mother in her coffin, just as I sleep next to her in her single bed only months before her death. I hadn't laid in my mother's bed with her since I was a little, little girl, but it is one of my favorite memories of her. I have her bed now in my studio. And her pillow.

Laurie Zuckerman's Memory Box, "Who Dreams of a Horse?"

Above is a second cigar box memory shrine dedicated to my father, George Zuckerman who was a Hollywood screenwriter and novelist. My father once wrote a Broadway play entitled, "Who Dreams of an Elephant?" My dreams as a child were of horses, horses, horses, so I titled this piece, "Who Dreams of a Horse?" Look carefully, you will see several miniature jugs in this memory box. One of my favorite things to collect. This memory box was also exhibited at the Loveland Museum Gallery in 2009. This photo represents an earlier version of this shrine. I will post new photos soon, as it is more fleshed out now with a wonderful background I found while junking in Wyoming.


Jeanne Dowd said...

Love the imagery and assemblage dedicated to your Father and Mother. What a beautiful way to honor your loved ones. I especially like "Good Luck Blanche" coffin. Your written words gave a deeper meaning to your altars. Thanks, Laurie for sharing.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I love your cigar box shrines! So very intimate and meaningful. What a tribute and a way to keep the memory alive.

Prestidigation said...

Thank you, Laurie for your evocative memorial art.
My father, a journalist named Hal Tribble, considered your father his best friend though they lived on opposite ends of the country and kept in touch
through letters. My dad loved your father dearly
and I was brought up on your father's writing, which
is superb. Proud to see your work.


Thank you, Prestidigation. My father always talked about his pal, Tribble. Weren't they best friends in college at the University of South Carolina, or were they friends from the Army? Small world. Thanks for sharing with me!! Laurie

steffi said...

Such a lovely work of art.