Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Colorado cemetery nicho with Santo Nino de Atocha

New Mexico cemetery nicho detail with crucifix

New Mexico cemetery nicho with Holy Family statue

New Mexico cemetery nicho with Infant of Prague

New Mexico cemetery nicho with the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Colorado cemetery Madonna in what looks like a phone booth nicho!

Colorado cemetery plastic Madonna nicho

Laurie Zuckerman hunts for nicho shrines to photograph in old Hispanic cemeteries in New Mexico and Colorado. They are hard to find!!! A few of my photos of newer handmade nichos will be shared in this post, so check back daily. Photographing through the dusty plexiglass of this southern Colorado nicho, I was able to capture the hazy image of this Santo Nino de Atocha statue in the first photo. The next two photos are from a small cemetery outside of Las Vegas, New Mexico. Thanks to cloth flowers and a plexiglass cover, this nicho stands a chance of surviving longer in the harsh climate of northern New Mexico. The fourth photo is from a nicho outside of Albuquerque. I love the cool blue colors reflected in the ice on the glass. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is from the Taos region of northern New Mexico. Way down in southern Colorado I discovered this phone booth-like nicho that perfectly fits and matches the Madonna it contains. The last shot is a tacky little plastic nicho that actually been improved by time and age.

You might be interested in more great spiritual images and writings at Rebecca Brooks' website that this post is lined with:


rebecca said...

laurie...these are so touching. i love their timeless simplicity.
treasures, each one.

Fran aka Redondowriter said...

As always, I am so deeply touched by your photos and by the people who created these nichos for their loved ones. I love all touches of blue.

Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio said...

I share a similar love and passion for cemeteries of this sort. You most certainly feel the connection between those that have passed and those that still remain. Not dead and gone and done with. No. The memory is kept alive.

Miss Robyn said...

oh wow. lovely, lovely.. makes me want to redecorate my altar and make more shrines in my garden!

turquoise cro said...

Beauty Full!!! My eyes Thank YOU!! and my heart too!